Tattoo Aftercare

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We want you to enjoy your tattoo in its highest quality forevermore. The truth is that 70% of the tattoo’s final quality depends on a proper aftercare, which is your resposibility! To support that we provide these introduction. Read and follow it with attention!


At the day of tattoo is done: You must cover your fresh tattoo with simple domestic foil throgought the entire day. Treat your tattoo with Bephantene cream or Tattoo Aftercare cream. You can buy them in our studio.

Washing your tattoo: Wash your tattoo with water and clean hands! Dry it with paper towel or let it dry on its own.

Keep the foil clean: …and sterile! Avoid any contemination including animal hair or dust.

Creaming your tattoo: You need only to apply a film of cream on the tattoo. You know it’s the right amount when the skin is shiny, your tattoo is fully visible, and covered. When you apply too much cream your skin cannnot breathe. Don’t let the skin to dry! Next to contamination, the dry skin is the worst enemy of a beautiful tattoo.

The first day: Change the foil in every 3 hours; wash, and dry your tattoo. You don’t need to wake up at night just treat it before and after sleep. After the first day you don’t need the foil anymore.

Up to a week: When you bathe, do not soak your tattoo! You can take a shower or bathe, just do not hold your tattoo underwater for a long time!

Up to two weeks: Cream your tattoo 3-4 hours a day!

Up to a months: Avoid sauna, solarium, sunbathing, swimming, spa, playing sports.


After a month the tattoo should be healed. We wish you to enjoy your beutiful tattoo. Thank you for your attention!


For any concerns and questions, feel free to contact us!

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